Real Estate Drone Video

posted in: 2017

One of the services we offer at Ozark Drones that isn’t mentioned much is Aerial Drone Videos for showcasing Real Estate property. Recently we created a video for some property that we showcased on our Ozark Drones youtube channel. This is a prime example of the quality of the real estate videos we offer. Our real estate videos are usually a few minutes long and will showcase all of the properties features from an aerial perspective, as well as showing property information on the screen. Everything is edited cinematically to music so that it is pleasing to the viewer and helps them connect with the property. There is only so much a photo taken from a ground level perspective can convey, and in most cases the view is obstructed by trees or terrain features. By showcasing property with an aerial drone video, viewers can see everything from above and get a better sense of scale of the property and see how it fits in with the surrounding terrain.

Currently we offer two different tiered real estate video packages. The Professional Real Estate Video Package consists of a 2-5 minute long video with music, animated information graphics, more cinematic imagery and a professional color-correction to enhance the footage. We also offer a Standard Real Estate Video Package that is a more budget-friendly option, but still showcases great aerial views of the property.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking to showcase your property with an aerial video. Our clients have gotten great results and feedback with the properties we have already made video for. After you have invested so much in fixing up your property, an aerial video can make a world of difference enabling you to stand out from all of the other listings in the area.