Exploring Arkansas from Above

posted in: 2021

Arkansas PBS recently released “Exploring Arkansas from Above”, a TV special featuring aerial drone views from 35 different locations in Arkansas. Ozark Drones was given the opportunity to provide some additional cinematography for the special. Several scenic shots filmed by Ozark Drones are sprinkled throughout the program. The special is hosted by Chuck Dovish, and directed by Terrell Case.

You can watch the 1-hour long special on the Arkansas PBS YouTube Channel. The 35 different locations featured span across the entire state of Arkansas. Nearly half of which are in the Ozark Mountains. Our notable favorite locations being the Buffalo National River, King’s River Overlook, and Boxley Valley.

Winter Aerial Photo of the Buffalo River

Several of Ozark Drones shots can be seen during the segment featuring aerial landscape artist, Henri Linton Sr. After moving to Arkansas, Henri would frequently fly back-and-forth from the state. This offered him numerous aerial perspectives that served as inspirations for his paintings.

If you would like to see even more aerial views of Arkansas, check out two of Ozark Drones’ short films: Ozark Majestic and Seasons of Arkansas.

Be sure to check out the Ozark Drones YouTube Channel and follow the Ozark Drones Instagram page for more seasonal photos of the Ozarks.


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