Winter Drone Footage

posted in: 2018

A few weeks ago, freezing rain fell in the Ozark Mountains. This winter drone footage was quite a unique sight to see for a few reasons. First, the freezing rain only froze to trees at the very tops of the mountains. The small change in elevation was just enough of a temperature difference, resulting in frozen trees at the tops. Secondly, because the trees were frozen, yet the red leaves on the ground were not. This showcased an “inverted” winter appearance that is rather rare.

Typically, it is the ground on the mountain tops covered with snow, yet nothing on the trees (unless they are evergreens.) However, because the ground was left untouched, it gave off a rather otherworldly appearance. White frozen trees and crimson red ground below. Luckily, we were able to capture this rare occurrence with one of our aerial drones. You can see the winter drone footage on our Ozark Drones YouTube Channel.

We would also like to note that this footage was captured with our most recent UAV addition, the DJI Mavic Air. We think the quality of the drone footage is a testament to how much production value can be packed into a smaller UAV. (The DJI Mavic Air is also a great drone for flying indoors.) Make sure you also check out our recent winter drone photos on our Ozark Drones Unsplash page!

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