Scenic Drone Flights in Arkansas

posted in: 2017

Springtime is here again in the Ozarks. Trees are budding out in beautiful greens and yellows, and the days are getting longer allowing for some fantastic evening flights. We’ve put together a nice drone showcase video featuring some scenic Spring footage of the Ozark Mountains. (You can enjoy the views and not worry about your allergies!)

Along with it, Ozark Drones has been receiving more and more airspace authorizations from the FAA that allow us to fly legally in even more areas throughout Arkansas. Currently the FAA requires drone operators to file for airspace authorizations if they need to fly within 5 miles of an airport. (This process can be a bit problematic, because in most larger cities in Arkansas, smaller airports are often close by.) However, Ozark Drones filed for airspace authorization clearance at all of the major airports in Arkansas last Fall, and now we have been granted authorization at over 13 major airports in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. These authorizations allow us to fly in areas that typically would be restricted, even for other licensed drone pilots, such as downtown Fayetteville and Little Rock. We have more authorizations in currently in the works and we are looking forward to the future of UAV operations in Arkansas!

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