Drone Services for Real Estate

posted in: 2017

At Ozark Drones we specialize in aerial video production, typically for advertising commercials and business promotions. However, we also provide drone services for real estate property, usually larger acreage land or high-end homes. We recently completed a new real estate drone video for Southern Tradition Real Estate. The property was located in Huntsville, Arkansas and featured 111 acres of riverfront land. Also included with the property was a beautiful rustic cabin that sat atop a large 200ft river bluff at the edge of the property.

We tell our clients that “the best way to showcase any property is from the air.” This is because photos or videos taken at ground level leave little point of reference or scale, and you also have to deal with visual obstructions, such as trees that can block your view. Filming from the air with a drone gives viewers a better 360° perspective of the property and the surrounding landscape.

Make sure you contact us if you have any real estate that you would like showcased with an aerial video. We currently offer two different tiered real estate video packages, a Standard Real Estate Video Package and a Professional Real Estate Video Package.