Arkansas Drone Pilot

posted in: 2017

We are already in the second month of 2017 and the new drone operations have already been planned (and some are already underway!) Because of the new year and because we’ve already shot some amazing aerial footage for new clients, we have updated the Ozark Drones Demo Reel. The updated reel features shots from clients we recently had the pleasure of shooting aerial footage for, such as the History Channel, the Travel Channel, and J.B. Hunt.

You may have noticed a few other minor updates to the Ozark Drones webpage as well. We are currently in the process of rolling out some updates that will provide more drone information and some new aerial offerings like Stock Footage and Aerial Prints of Arkansas.

As far as new developments regarding the FAA and drone use, the FAA is starting to make progress granting airspace authorizations that allow drone operators to fly within 5-miles of airports they specify. This has been quite a tedious process, but hopefully now that the FAA has begun to see the large demand posed by this industry, and they will continue to speed up authorizations efforts. We will have a new blog post in the next few weeks that will dive much deeper into the airspace authorization process which will also help clients understand the time frames needed in certain aerial situations.