Safe Aerial Photography and Video

posted in: 2015

Ozark Drones Inspire 1

Safe aerial drone photography is a growing concern; and rightfully so with all of the different drones available and being mentioned in the media. One has to ask “what happens if something goes wrong during an aerial drone flight?” This is a legitimate concern, especially if the drone is flying over your property.

At Ozark Drones we make sure that all of our drones are outfitted with the latest safety technology to insure a safe and problem free flight. The DJI Inspire 1 is our flagship aerial drone because of its numerous safety features and ease of use. GPS positioning and guidance is the first safety feature worth mentioning. This works similarly to a GPS system in a phone or vehicle. Upon startup our Inspire 1 drone will ping various GPS satellites to get precise position coordinates which will help keep the drone steady upon take off. It will typically connect to 12-18 different satellites, but a minimum of at least 10 before taking off. This precise GPS signal will prevent the drone from drifting to an unwanted area during flight. For example if the wind is blowing, our drone will detect the drift almost immediately and automatically correct itself to stay in the correct position based off the GPS signal.

Another GPS related safety feature is the ‘Return to Home’ function. This is useful if the drone for any reason loses the video signal being sent back to the pilot. The pilot can enable the ‘Return to Home’ function on the controller and the Inspire 1 aerial drone will automatically fly back to the GPS coordinates where it first took off from. And you don’t have to worry about the drone flying into buildings or telephone wires on its way back either. This is because the drone will first fly vertically up to 200ft in the air before making its journey back home. At Ozark Drones, we have tested this feature numerous times and not once has it ever failed us. And if that isn’t enough, the DJI Inspire 1 also has a built in Vision Positioning System, which is a camera underneath the UAV body that uses visual and sonar waves to detect the ground, objects, and the current altitude. This provides added safety when conducting flights close to the ground or indoors because the VPS system acts like a ‘local’ on-board GPS system.

Finally, for added peace of mind, Ozark Drones is also fully covered with Aviation Insurance on all of our UAVs. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of some of the safety procedures that are utilized by Ozark Drones with all of our aerial drones.