Ozark Drones FAA Approved for Commercial Drone Use

posted in: 2016

In case you haven’t heard, Ozark Drones is now FAA approved for commercial drone operations via the Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule. This opens the door for even more aerial opportunities in Arkansas, not only for Ozark Drones, but for other avid UAV pilots in the private and public sector.

In order to gain FAA Approval under the Part 107 Rule, we had to complete an Aeronautical Knowledge Test that was conducted by the FAA and then be vetted by the TSA for safe operation. Upon completion we were awarded a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate by the FAA. To continue compliance with the new rule, we were also required to register all of our drones for commercial use with the FAA and Department of Transportation.

At Ozark Drones we also understand that safety is the number one priority of any aerial operation, and although aviation insurance isn’t required to fly commercially by the FAA, Ozark Drones is insured by Starr Aviation for one $1 Million worth of liability coverage in case of an accident. To take drone safety a step further, we have GPS fail-safe systems implemented on all of our UAVs in case of a signal loss. (This means the drone will automatically fly safely back to the original location it took off from.) We also have mobile air-traffic radio communication to contact airport control towers in the area if needed and we always review VFR maps of any location prior to flying.

Thanks again for keeping Ozark Drones in mind for any aerial projects you may have and we are looking forward to what the future holds for drone usage in Arkansas.