New Creative Frontier

posted in: 2015

Ozark Drones Round Top Mountain Aerial

Just a few years ago, a picture like the one to the left of Round Top Mountain in Jasper, Arkansas would have required a multi-person crew, a helicopter, and of course a helicopter pilot. ..and lots of the infamous ‘Jet-Fuel’. All of which are not even close to cheap. So unless you had a budget of $10,000 and upwards, that kind of picture would have been out of your price range.

How times have changed huh? Today, that shot of Round Top Mountain was captured in about 10 minutes with practically zero environmental footprint. Not to mention with just a one man crew. The image was taken at close to dusk with our DJI Inspire 1 drone, which can capture 12MP (4,000 x 3,000 Pixel) RAW images. Capturing RAW images enables us to retain the maximum amout of data when we take a picture, enabling us to bring out the best possible colors and clarity. (No Jet-fuel needed.) And with the economic demand of drones & drone services on the rise, this technology is only going to get better and more readily available. From property survey, to farm crop observation, to affordable solutions for businesses and real estate, it’s going to be fun to witness the new creative outlets available for drones in the coming years.