Drone Video of Fall Leaves in Arkansas

posted in: 2016

Fall is almost here in Arkansas and we are looking forward to the cooler temperatures and colorful leaves that are sure to cover the Ozark Mountains. However the leaves have not changed in Arkansas just yet, but we have put together an aerial video showcasing some of our favorite drone shots filmed during fall of last year. Last year we were blessed with lots of bright orange and red foliage all across Northwest Arkansas and hopefully we will have similar foliage this year in the fall of 2016! Something that was interesting to note, with traditional photography you can often get brighter fall colors on days that are overcast. This is because the cloud coverage acts as a natural soft box reducing the harsh shadows on your image. The will give the image more saturation and make the colors look brighter. However with aerial video, we discovered quite the opposite is true. This is because of the filming distance from the trees, which on cloudy days would ‘flatten’ out the image too much, resulting in poor color tones. Because of this, we discovered that bright sunny days with little or no cloud coverage worked best. The added shadow contrast would actually help separate each tree and make the colors more distinguishable. Filming at sunrise or sunset would also often add a nice color hue on top of the trees as well.