Arkansas Drones

posted in: 2016

The FAA recently announced plans for a new certification process for commercial drone businesses starting in August. This is great news and will result in a surplus of commercial drone operators in Arkansas. The previous certification process was by exemption only, which was ineffective, confusing, and a not well thought out process. The new drone certification process will give customers needing aerial work more options for UAV services. Obviously some aerial business might view the increase in drone operators as problematic because it will drastically increase competition in local markets. Ozark Drones doesn’t view it that way. Quite the contrary actually. A healthy increase in competition will boost the quality standard for all aerial video businesses in Arkansas. No longer will customers be limited by only a few available options for aerial work. They can seek out cheaper and more affordable options or higher-quality cinematography options like Ozark Drones will be providing.

At Ozark Drones we believe in the old adage “you get what you pay for” and we will actually encourage customers to look at all viable aerial options available to them. This is because an aerial video is much more than just “capturing footage with a drone”. It is a full production from pre-planning to shooting, to editing and color-grading so that the final video is beyond your expectations. We will be using drones as a part of our tool set, but a drone alone doesn’t create a cinematic video. Ozark Drones has a background in quality video production and that is what is needed to create great cinematic imagery.


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