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posted in: 2015

Arkansas Drone Inspire 1

Ozark Drones’ first full demo reel will be released on our website this week. You can see our already released Teaser here. It will showcase the usefulness of many of our drone services & give everyone a look into the quality of our UAV work. (You may see the term UAV used instead of ‘drone’ from time to time. You may be wondering what it stands for, UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Another term is UAS: Unmanned Aerial System.) Either way, they are for the most part the same, and what the media commonly refers to as ‘drones’. At Ozark Drones our premiere drone is the DJI Inspire 1. You can see the camera system for our Inspire 1 in the photo on the right side of this post. The DJI Inspire 1 was released late last year to much acclaim. Pairing heavy-duty drone tech into an agile carbon fiber frame, so it is light weight & portable, but doesn’t skimp on the camera system either. It comes equipped with a gyro stabilized 3-axis gimbal to keep the camera smooth & steady throughout the entire drone flight, and packs a 4K Sony sensor camera (4 times Full HD). A camera that is also capable of taking 12MP photos in RAW & JPEG formats. It also features full GPS integration allowing the drone to fly automatically to different way-points set up by the pilot, & features a ‘return to home’ GPS guided fail-safe system in case the drone flys out of range. It will automatically fly back to where it took off from, back into signal range so the pilot can regain control. ..Oh, and it has a really nice ‘party trick’ that allows the landing legs to be raised during flight to allow for full 360 degree camera panning without obstructions getting into view. So there is no reason this drone can’t get the shot.