Arkansas Drone Photography

posted in: 2016

At Ozark Drones one of our favorite aerial photography perspectives is the ‘Top Down’ angle of view.  We use this style often for aerial shots of Arkansas on our Instagram page. Recently we decided to put together a collection of our favorite top down drone photos we’ve taken. We’ve posted this collection, Arkansas from Above | Aerial Drone Photos, on our Behance page and have created a video showcasing the aerial photos in a slideshow. What we like about this perspective is that it is nearly impossible to get unless you are using a drone to take the picture. This is because even in an airplane, it is quite difficult to see the view directly below. This gives everything in the image a ‘micro-like’ appearance. All of the photos in this aerial collection were 12 megapixels and taken with the DJI Inpsire 1 drone. You can also see quite a few of these images featured on the Ozark Drones Unsplash page.