Aerial Film & Photography

We fly using aerial UAVs which are state of the art, providing ultra-smooth, full HD film. Our pilots are certified and insured with safety being a primary focus of any aerial filming work required. For photography we shoot high resolution (4000 x 3000 pixel, 102MB RAW or JPEG) still images for use in print media. However, if the camera is set to record 4K video, screen grab images can be taken from the footage.

Examples of our photography can be seen here.

Ground Based Filming

We also offer traditional ground based filming services as many clients occasionally require standard film to integrate with the aerial footage. We can film in a variety of formats such as 4K & even high-speed 96fps for slow motion sequences in full HD. We also utilize a hand-held 3-axis gimbal system creating smooth cinematic walk-though shots, perfect for real estate or showcasing property.

Editing & Film Production

In most circumstances our RAW footage is given directly to the Client/Production Company. However, if you require fully edited video, we can provide that too. We offer Video Editing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Voice Overs and Media Authoring for web, mobile and broadcast television.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 10 years of experience working with film & motion graphics, along with an extensive marketing background. So whether shooting a commercial, showcasing an estate, inspecting a building, or taking high resolution photos for your business, we can fit you with the right equipment and professional that fit your budget. We also provide Creative Direction to our clients on which angles & locations we feel will work best for a shoot.

Standard ground-based filming can be limited, especially when there are obstructions from landscape or other buildings. However, with aerial film & photography we can achieve a new level or creative possibilities in any direction, from the ground up to 400ft (120m). See your project or property from angles that would normally be out of reach & are on par with larger budget productions.